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            Maa Bandhvi Devraj Mahavidyalaya has managed to adapt itself in the development of economy and the needs of a harmonious society, and aimed at promoting citizens higher education level and improving people's life-long learning and well-round development. College has already formed its distinctive features and produced a great number of qualified and applied graduates who can remain with

their work units and continue to make contributions.

             The College adheres to the working policy "teaching as a center, educational research as a precurusor", pushes greatly on teaching reforms, makes great effort to train various kinds of welcome personnel for working units so as to meet the needs in the 21st century. In view of economic construction and social development, young as it is ,the college will surpass conventioal thinking with steady and sure work, facing modernization, world and future.

                 College help its members realize spiritual and moral as well as intellectual and aesthetic values.We strive to reach out the star of perfection through an earnest academic pursuit for excellence and our efforts blossom into service through our creative and empathetic involvement in the society to transform it.

             Our curriculum is as varied as our landscape. Best known for our innovative Plan, where students take, College offeres first and foremost an excellent education in the liberal education. The college encourages a spirit of intellectual exploration, critical thinking, hands on learning, and personal responsibility within an environment of small communities where education and life intertwine.



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